Decarbonizing aviation – we fly sustainably.


Net-zero manufactured specialties are key for a more sustainable future! The production and commercialization of synthetic hydrocarbons for sustainable aviation, transportation and chemical-pharmaceutical industries is the best possible way to achieve our climate targets.

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Pioneer in synthetic ­hydrocarbon specialties.

Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals.

P2X-Europe configures, builds and invests in vertically integrated end-to-end Power-to-Liquid (PtL) technology solutions to enable the market introduction of synthetic net-zero eFuels and chemicals from renewable energy-derived hydrogen and a variety of biogenic carbon sources. This is by far the cleanest and most ecological way to produce sustainable aviation fuels (eSAF) and base materials without compromising on sustainability.

eFuels – powered by the elements of nature.

Our mission is to gradually replace fossil products with sustainable equivalents. In collaboration with our project partners we work on building up a fully integrated ecosystem for the transport and chemical industries. Synthetic end-products are the result of a highly sustainable transformation process,

starting with renewable electricity from solar and wind power and a solar-driven photosynthesis. Green hydrogen production from the electrolysis of water, combined with biogenic carbon dioxide captured from point sources available in Europe, result in synthetic liquid fuels (eFuels) and chemicals (eWaxes) that are key for the decarbonization of these industries.

Let’s act responsibly and decarbonize
our presence with future fuels.

Implementing dis­ruptive change towards CO2 neutrality

A sustainable, circular economy, enabling a net-zero emissions carbon cycle. This is what we aim for.
eSAF, eDiesel and eWaxes, generated from renewable power and biogenic sources of CO2, promise to reduce life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions by 90-100 % compared to conventional fossil equivalents.


Unique expertise in integration of Power-to-Liquids technologies combined with market access for PtL-products in the fuel as well as chemical industries.


Clear time to market strategy for eSAF /eFuels and synthesis-based chemical-pharmaceutical specialties at technical scale to support our customers’ climate goals.


Access to preferred locations offering sustainable carbon sources as well as competitive renewable power offer market ramp-up now to reach climate targets as early as 2026!

Pioneering the way to CO2 neutrality on a wave of synthetic hydrocarbons

A small drop of synthetic hydrocarbons can build an ocean of energy transition

Holding our planet’s future in our hands

Renewable energy as a sustainable feedstock for CO2 neutral synthetic hydrocarbons

Synthetic molecules ending the era of fossil fuels

Counteracting climate change to make a small sprout become a tree


The Paris agreement 2015 created a compact to limit global warming to “well below 2°C”, ideally reducing its rise to 1.5°C. It is not least the responsibility of the manufacturing sector to reduce emissions, however, this is only achievable through the application of new technologies. Here is where P2X comes in: 

The Power-to-Liquid (PtL) conversion route produces liquid synthetic hydrocarbons by catalytically combining a biogenic carbon source with a hydrogen stream produced via electrolysis of water. The P2X-Europe production pathway is characterized by a proven high technology readiness level (TRL) across the individual process steps of the whole value-chain. 

PtL-derived eFuels, generated from renewable electricity and captured biogenic sources of CO2, promise to reduce life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions by 90-100 % compared to conventional jet fuel.